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Why we need a kitchen scale?

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Kitchen scale, as the name implies, is a tool for accurately measuring the amount of food raw materials used in cooking. Kitchen scales are generally made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scale may also use toughened glass, toughened glass is generally used as the tray part of kitchen scale, easy to clean.

·The benefits of kitchen scales

1. The kitchen scale can accurately measure the weight of food, so that we can easily measure. We often cook too much food. If we have a kitchen scale, we can cook according to how much can we eat, so that we can save food. At the same time, the use of the kitchen scales can achieve weight loss, a person needs daily calorie control, you can achieve the purpose of weight loss.

2. When we learn one dish, we may be precise in terms of the use of materials, if not accurate, it may lead to different tastes. The kitchen scale can be used to accurately weigh the amount of various materials, so that delicious food can be made easily.

3. The kitchen scale also has the function of peeling, peeling is the basic function of electronic scale. It is used to replace the weight value on the scale table with null point of the electronic kitchen scale, and then the weight of the article placed on it is displayed as the net weight value.

·How to choose the kitchen scale

Kitchen scales are also determined by electronic sensing or spring expansion. By contrast, the accuracy of kitchen scale of electronic sensing is higher than that of spring measurement. Therefore, the kitchen scale can be classified according to the measurement accuracy, which helps us to choose the suitable kitchen scale. The accuracy of the general household kitchen scale is lower than that of the hotel kitchen scale. The measuring accuracy of Chinese kitchen scale is generally lower than that of western pastry kitchen scale. Moreover, the mechanical kitchen scale is generally divided into 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg, while the accuracy is the lowest to 5 g, which is suitable for the situation where the accuracy is low. The electronic kitchen scale is generally the scale range of 5KG, and the minimum precision is 0.1g, which is suitable for the occasions with high precision. In general, there is only one range and precision for an electronic scale. Two AA (No. 5) dry batteries are widely used in the former market, and the early embedded CR2032 button batteries (inconvenient and relatively expensive) has been gradually eliminated. The kitchen scale with different ranges has relatively different accuracy. You can select the appropriate range and precision according to your requirements.

The kitchen scale plays a great role in our life, it can make our life become exquisite, but also has a great help to lose weight, the most important thing is to save food.

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