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What do you know about obesity paradox?

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With the change of modern lifestyle, obesity is becoming an important problem affecting health. Obesity is harmful, but have you ever heard of the obesity paradox?

The obesity paradox refers to the fact that obesity does not necessarily shorten the expected survival time of patients, the risk of death of overweight people is slightly lower than that of normal weight people, and in some cases may have "benefits". Although the obesity paradox shows a lower mortality rate for overweight or mild obesity, it does not mean that obesity is healthy.

A study on the Paradox of Obesity

Fat people are healthier than normal weight people, according to a 2012 study. The study showed that fat people had a 6 percent lower risk of death than normal weight people, whether overweight or mild obese (according to the BMI index).

But that conclusion does not mean that overweight people are healthier, and the NHS(British National Health Insurance)report indicates that overweight or mild obesity does not lead to a higher risk of death as obesity, but overweight can lead to long-term health problems such as diabetes, damage to quality of life, etc.  

Other studies have found that obese patients have a higher survival rate than normal weight patients in hospitalized patients with pneumonia, which further supports the existence of the "obesity paradox". This phenomenon has also occurred earlier in other chronic diseases such as heart and kidney failure, but does not mean that weight gain is the right way to deal with these diseases.

1. Slightly overweight may increase life expectancy, perhaps by explaining that more fat reserves are needed as age increases to counter the situation in poor health and weight loss;Compared with those with normal weight, overweight problems(hypertension, diabetes mellitus)can make overweight people face and treat as soon as possible, thus improving their health level.

2. In essence, obesity means an increased risk of death compared to the normal BMI index. This does not apply to individuals with overweight or mild obesity.

3. Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada studied the medical records of 907 pneumonia patients in six hospitals in Edmonton, Alberta. They found that the mortality rate for normal weight patients was about 10 percent, while that for obese patients was about 4 percent.

Previous studies have mainly confirmed that the "obesity paradox" exists in some chronic diseases, while this study has shown that it also exists in cases of acute infection, the researchers said. The researchers speculate that the higher survival rate of obese patients in the study may be related to their higher nutritional reserves, but the detailed mechanism remains to be further studied.

Views on the Paradox of Obesity from all walks of life

Although the obesity paradox shows a lower mortality rate for overweight or mild obesity, it does not mean that obesity is healthy. These unconfirmed theories need to be further explored and proved. Therefore, at present, the society generally does not agree with the obesity paradox. Even if the limitations of the study are ignored, it would be unwise to think of the results as "healthy" proof that obesity may be even more harmful.


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