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What do you know about FLW Outdoors

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The FLW Outdoors, which has a history of more than a decade in the United States, is a very popular sport. Take the largemouth bass as the main target fish, compared with the total amount of fish caught within the specified time. The prize money is between $10 and $200000 for each sub-station and $1 million for the Finals. Contestants divided into professional anglers and amateurs, professional athletes enjoy a certain social status, and even become the idolatry of some young people. These professional anglers also earn a lot of money, such as the Tommy Biffle career (when they competed in 2006), with a total bonus of $1.3 million. Of course, these people are themselves middle and upper echelons of society, so it is a sport for the rich.

·The origin of the FLW Outdoors

In July 1996, the first FLW in the United States was officially launched. Over the next decade, FLW has continued to grow and the audience is expanding, so it is derived from today's FLW Outdoors. The importance of this race is equal to that of F1. FLW is named according to the name of the American Forrest L. Wood, the world's largest and most influential road sub-competition organization. Since its development in 1996, FLW has a history of 19 years in the United States and is a very popular sport.

·The rules of the FLW Outdoors

A 12-inch large-mouth perch is a main target fish. These fishes will be put on the fish weighing scale to weigh. If it is a dead fish when weighing, 4.5 taels per catty should be deducted. The weighing place must be returned within the specified time, otherwise the results are not taken into account.

The event is divided into six stops throughout the year, and finally is the Final. 200 professionals and 200 amateurs took part in the competition. Amateurs mainly assist professional players, but also participate in the competition, the top 10 points can be promoted to the ranks of professional players throughout the year.

The total score is calculated, and the top ten professional players enter the third day and the fourth day of the competition, and the results are calculated with the total weight of the fish. The sub-station champion can get $10-200000 and 200 points.

·The environmental protection concept of FLW Outdoors

FLW strongly advocates the protection of water and fishery resources at the same time as the event is held. FLW uses a variety of scientific and technological means to make up for the loss of natural resources caused by pollution, so as to meet the standards of environmental protection events.

·The influence of the FLW Outdoors

In addition to the above, FLW is committed to the return visit to each community to establish a strong audience group through family-friendly activities and community partnerships. Community expansion service is an inseparable part, they attach great importance to community service. And in the United States, these FLW professional anglers enjoy a certain social status, and many young people follow their role models. 

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