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What can I do with a kitchen scale?

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Kitchen scale is a tool for accurately measuring the weight of the food materials used in cooking. Whenever we cook food at home, weigh what kind of food we need to use, we need to use it. As we all know, kitchen scales are almost useless in Chinese food, while western food is very fine in terms of food raw materials. The kitchen electronic scale is not very useful for Chinese food, because the food raw materials of Chinese food are almost all according to the chef's feeling, but the western food needs to calculate the amount of each kind of ingredients, so what is the specific use of the kitchen scale? The following is an introduction to the use of kitchen scales.

·Uses of Kitchen Scale

First of all, kitchen scale can accurately weigh our food, so that we can easily master the amount of all kinds of ingredients and help newcomers learn to cook.

The second is that we often face the condition of too much food cooking. If we have a kitchen scale, we can cook food quantitatively, so that we can save food. The kitchen scale can greatly improve the efficiency of some things, and the help is still very big.

Third, kitchen scales generally have the peeling function, can remove the weight of the container. For example, after putting the stainless steel basin on the scale, the scale will show the weight of the stainless steel basin, press the peeling function key, the scale will return to zero, at this time put flour into the basin, reading is the weight of pure flour.

Fourth, kitchen scale also has other uses, for many people who lose weight, the food they eat every day can be weighed with the kitchen scale in advance, so that they can master the amount of food they eat every day and achieve effective weight loss. If the calories a person needs every day are controlled, the goal of losing weight can be achieved. The precision of the electronic kitchen scale is more accurate than the general kitchen scale, so that the very accurate data can be obtained, and it also plays a great role in losing weight. All the food that needs to be eaten is weighed in advance, so that I have certain data in their own mind.

Fifth, kitchen scales can be used not only to weigh ingredients, but also to weigh precious metals, especially electronic kitchen scales. Because the weighing accuracy of the electronic kitchen scale is very high, it can accurately measure the weight of precious metals. For example, if you buy a gold necklace and want to make sure that the weight of the necklace is consistent with what the merchant says, you can weigh it with an electronic kitchen scale.

The function of kitchen scale is more than that. As long as the user reads the product manual carefully, other uses of kitchen scale can be found.

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