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Three ways to lose weight scientifically

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Someone asked, can I try to lose weight with diet pills?

The answer is No! There are two main types of diet pills in the market today: The first one is like a laxative, it only achieves the effect of weight loss by cleaning up the waste in the body, the rebound is obvious and has no real effect. The second one is to reduce the body's hunger and appetite through the drugs, and the impact on human health is still very large.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should use scientific weight-loss therapy, with reasonable exercise and healthy diet to keep fitness.

1.How to Do Exercise?

The effect of exercise on weight loss depends on the mode of exercise, exercise intensity, exercise time, frequency and total amount of exercise. The recommended sports for adults are:

①Aerobic exercise: People who do not have a sports foundation can start from aerobic exercise, improving heart and lung function, reducing visceral fat, and enhancing physical fitness. Then add anaerobic training.

②Resistance exercise: It is more effective in improving lean body mass (de-fat body weight).

③Aerobic exercise combined resistance exercise: It is more obvious for weight loss effect

④High-intensity intermittent training (HITT): It can be used as a time-saving exercise recommendation, but the fat-reducing effect can not be similar to that of continuous aerobic exercise.

When you do exercise,  you can use some sports equipment such as spinning bike, power plate(or vibration plate)


2.How to Eat?

1) Energy-limited diet: It refers to a type of dietary mode that limits energy intake while ensuring basic nutritional needs. The energy supply ratio of macronutrients should meet the balanced dietary requirements. There are three forms:

①Decrease by a certain percentage based on the target intake, reduce by 30% to 50%.

②Reduce the daily intake by about 500kcal based on the target intake.

③Supply 1000~1500kcal every day, that is, low energy diet.

2) High protein diet: It refers to a type of dietary mode that daily protein intake exceeds 20% ~ 40% (or 1.2-1.5g / kg / d) of the total daily energy. Pay attention to choosing low-calorie and high-protein foods, which can increase satiety, eliminate hunger, and not bring too much calorie burden. If you eat a few eggs every day to increase your muscles, it is recommended that you do not eat egg yolk from the second egg to avoid high cholesterol.

3) Light fasting diet: Which is also called intermittent fasting diet. It refers to a type of dietary mode that 5 days a week to eat normally, the other two days (non-continuous) to take the usual 1/4 energy (female about 500kcal / d , male about 600kal / d).

3.How to Do Psychological Adjustment?

Believe in the power of "believe." No matter how great a weight loss plan or method you have, this is a contest between perseverance&persistence and other things. Believe in yourself, stick to exercise, and control your diet. Then the good figure you want is already on you.


What's more, you can keep a body scale at home, weigh yourself regularly and keep your weight under constant control.

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