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The type of jewelry

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Most natural rubies have cracks, and natural rubies without any defects and cracks are extremely rare. However, the artificial ruby is of the same color, less internal defects, clean and relatively large. As precious gems, natural rubies with more than 3 carats on the market are very rare. Natural rubies have a strong dichroism, that is, there are red and orange-red colors from different directions, if there is only one color, it may be red spinel, garnet or red glass. Red spinel is very similar to natural ruby, the two are the most confusing, so we must be very careful.


Diamonds are the toughest substance in natural matter and can be carved on any other gems. Any hardness less than 9 degrees is a fake diamond. Diamonds are also lipophilic, such as drawing a line on the surface of a diamond with a pen into a continuous straight line. Other gems show a intermittent break line. These methods have certain reference value in the identification of diamonds.


The color of natural sapphire is often uneven, and most of them have straight growth lines. Artificial sapphire is of the same color, its growth lines are arc belt, and beady bubbles can often be seen in its body. Natural sapphires also have obvious dichroism, blue in one direction and blue-green in the other.


The natural green gems similar to the emerald are fluorite, green, apatite, jadeite, green sapphires, and so on. Artificial emerald and imitation products include synthetic emerald, foil lined emerald, oil injection emerald and so on.


 What is the difference between the natural green of jade and the green of dyeing? The reason why natural jade is green, white and purple is that the grain itself is green, white and purple. When we look at the color of a natural jade, its color is indistinguishable from the crystal. However, the original crystal of the dyed jade is colorless, and the dye that enters the jade after dyeing is infiltrated along the gap or some fine cracks of the crystal, so there will be an obvious boundary between the color and the crystal.

·Cat’s Eye

There is a fiberglass cat's eye ring on the market, inlaid in gold or silver rings, making the truth and falsehood indistinguishable. The identification method is that when the ring surface is turned, several light bands can appear at the top of the arc of the fake cat's eye at the same time, while there is only one real cat's eye. The color of the real cat's eye is mostly brown yellow or light green, and the fake cat's eye is various in color, and has red, blue, green and other colors.


Opal according to its color can be divided into black, black, white, yellow, and the like, in which the price of black opal is the highest. In order to improve the level of a lower price of white or yellow opal, an artificial method is used to discolor it. The main method is to cook with sugar or inject plastic to blacken the white opal. The density of the opal after cooking with sugar or injecting plastic is significantly different from that of the real opal, and Its density becomes smaller. It can be identified by jewelry scale with the function of measuring density. 

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