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The impact of the development of jewelry technology on the jewelry identification

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With the development of China' s economy, the jewelry industry has developed rapidly and there has been mixed market chaos with uneven quality and shoddy quality. At present, the qualification of jewelry is mainly based on manual operation, and there is also a gap in the speed and quality of identification. We should rationally use technology to promote the rapid development of the jewelry industry and ensure the orderly development of the industry.

1. The importance of the development of jewelry technology to the identification of jewelry

The rapid development of science and technology has provided new supports for the development of various industries. The state of technological development is the guarantee for the sustainable development of the industry in future. As a traditional industry, the jewelry industry must be combined with reality to promote new growth points through the development of science and technology, to ensure the stability and health of the industry, and to promote the orderly progress of the industry. In recent years, China' s economy has developed steadily, and the demand for jewelry has gradually increased. The traditional jewelry identification is mainly artificial and the efficiency is not high with the accuracy related to the artificial ability. With the sales of a large number of jewelry, traditional manual identification has been unable to meet the rapid development needs of the jewelry industry. We use equipment hardware rationally through jewelry technology, such as UV fluorescence, Raman light and other technologies,  to identify and deal with jewelry. And we use the computer software technology such as the jewelry identification management software, for the purchase, sales, inventory and identification of samples. It also uses for some important processes such as carrying out and recording the non-matching system work, improving the efficiency of identification and achieving paperless operation. With the computer-aided information system of the recognition mode, it provides a reliable auxiliary information system for the operation design development, and judges the type, density and texture of the gemstone effectively through data extraction, processing in advance, describing the feature and selecting classification. The identification work establishes relative standards and uniform identification methods, reducing the recognition of duplication of work, improving the work efficiency and providing a reliable guarantee for the further development of the jewelry industry.

2. The influence of the development of jewelry technology on the jewelry identification

(1) Jewelry equipment identification

With the development of science and technology, jewelry equipment identification instruments have developed rapidly, such as infrared light, laser, X-ray fluorescence and other spectroscopic instruments, electronic probes pop instruments, scanning electron microscopes and many other instruments. They are greatly improved in the degree of RRR and speed of identification, which provides a reliable guarantee for jewelry identification work.

First, scanning electron microscopy enables in-depth analysis of jewelry through high-resolution properties. It can make an intuitive and rapid analysis of the jewelry surface, and make an in-depth comparison of the atomic number contrast and surface topography of the jewelry, and discover small defects timely to ensure the accuracy of the identification.

Second, although the optical fiber spectrometer is small in size and low in cost, it provides a very fast identification for the identification of jewelry. It upgrades the traditional spectrometer, collects the full spectrum data, and uses the fiber, grating and other conductors as the component. It monitors the reflection of the optical signal by online monitoring, and can be installed on the palm-sized platform for the identification.

Third,X-ray fluorescence spectrometry samples produce fluorescence under the X-ray excitation, and the characteristics of the radiation are different. The element content of the sample is analyzed, and the content of each element in the sample is detected, and also applied to the gemstone detection, and infrared spectroscopy, purple absorption spectroscopy and the like are combined to carry out monitoring effects more clearly, and have non-destructive characteristics, and the range of its application is gradually wide.

(2) Modern monitoring technology for jewelry

First, the visible spectroscopy technique uses ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy techniques to analyze the valence state of the coloring elements and elements of the jewelry test. Through the visible spectrum technology, the artificial gems, the radiation-modified gems and some natural gems are deeply identified. For example, in the comparison of visible absorption spectra of natural jade and dyed jade, the true identification of the gemstone is guaranteed.

Second, the red spectroscopy technique uses a continuous wavelength illumination sample to vibrate the internal molecules or atomic groups of the sample to generate absorption of light, forming an absorption band, and using this infrared spectrum to analyze the molecules and anions in the jewelry. Identification, to distinguish between authenticity and quality, such as emerald, yellow essence and other jewelry natural and synthetic identification can be identified by red light spectroscopy technology, but this technology has a higher polishing plane requirements for jewelry surfaces.

Third, the Lapman spectroscopy technique analyzes the chemical composition and structural characteristics of the sample. It is a non-destructive method for detecting fluid inclusions and solid inclusions. It can perform in-depth inspection of gems and maintain the integrity of jewelry. Sex has an advantage. It is a kind of molecular combined radioactivity spectrum that changes the original injection frequency by the inelastic collision of laser photons with gemstone molecules. Through the detection and analysis of the Lapman spectrum, the artificially processed gemstones are effectively identified. This technology has become an essential technology for the jewelry identification.

(3) Computer Software Application

First, let's introduce the application of computer management software. With the standardized operation of the development of the jewelry industry, inventory, sales and management are controlled by the software through the software. The value of jewelry is high. It is necessary to strictly control people, finances and materials, and deal with problems in management in a timely manner. Through the computer management software, we can deeply grasp the overall trend of the industry, and combine with the modern market according to our actual needs to promote the improvement of management. Using computer management software for sales and inventory management, it can also carry out in-depth control over sales and related records to achieve paperless operation, thereby improving the work efficiency and improving the overall service capability of the industry.

Then we introduce the pattern recognition technology of the computer. The computer software recognition mode has great significance for the improvement of gem identification. In the rapid development of the 1960s, it promoted the standardization and scientific development of jewelry identification. Through pattern recognition technology, the key content of hardness, texture, color and density of jewelry are described in a standard and systematic way, and there are multiple types and different levels of comprehensive judgment. The jewelry information resources in the database also develop with recent years. Gradually enriched, it provides a reliable test method for the identification of gemstone varieties, finished products and similar products. Using the relevant knowledge of mechanics, optics, chemistry and physics to process the seriousness, density, hardness and other information of jewelry, we can make correct judgments. Also, we can encode non-descriptive parameters such as color and absorption spectrum, realize standardization, and carry out computerization for computers accurate query comparison provides pre-processing. What’s more, we can simplify feature extraction and selection for different types of logical markers using measured values and standard values, rationally classify and determine the error recognition rate to a minimum, and use a linear analyzer to reduce parameter overlap. Prevent the occurrence of missed judgments and achieve scientific identification of jewelry. Through the application of auxiliary software, it provides reliable guarantee for standardized description parameters, improves work efficiency and accuracy, and continuously promotes the further development of the jewelry industry.

As the traditional industry continues to transform and upgrade, the jewellery industry continues to develop with the advancement of economy and technology. Jewelry technology has a huge impact on the jewelry identification. It provides reliable analysis for manual processing, artificial synthesis and natural gemstone classification through non-destructive testing technology. It provides convenient, safe and accurate identification means for the detection of jewellery and jade, and continuously promotes the sustainable development of the jewelry identification industry.


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