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The difference between electronic scale and traditional weighing equipment

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Theso-called traditional weighing equipment, such as the hook scale for rural use,  mainly using the principle of leverage and the balance of force to measure the weight, this principl e is widely used in traditional weighing equipment, as well as the platform scales.


1. The difference between electronic scale and traditional weighing equipment

With the advancement of the times, the traditional weighing equipment has gradually shown its limitations and shortcomings. It is a waste of manpower to weigh large objects and it is not accurate enough to weigh miniature objects.


The electronic scale meets the needs of economic and social development, The main components of the electronic scale are divided into three parts, scale body, sensor, and a displayer. basic working principle is that: firstly, the object passes through the scale body, which causes the scale body to generate pressure. Secondly,this pressure is transmitted to the sensor. The sensitive beam on the sensor is deformed by the pressure, and the signal generated by the deformation of the sensor is converted into identifiable data. Thirdly, the data is then transferred to the CPU (central processing unit) for calculation, finally, the CPU transmits the calculated result to the display. The whole process can be summarized in one sentence by transforming the force into an identifiable electrical signal and then converting the electrical signal calculation into a weight unit number. 


Electronic scales are not only used for weighing, they can be divided into price scales, counting scales, weight scales according to the scope of application.


2. Pricing scale

The price scale, also known as the electronic price scale, contains a high-precision load cell and an eight-bit single-chip microprocessor. It has the function of rapid weighing and pricing, convenient operation, stable performance, waterproof keyboard, and reliable sealing. Especially suitable for the sale and purchase of aquatic products. Pricing scales are widely used in commercial trading and industrial measurement.


The price scale is improved by the ordinary weight scale. In addition to all the functions of the weight scale, it also has a pricing function, which is mostly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, vegetable markets and other occasions, which greatly simplifies the merchants' cash settlement. Not only can it price but also has the printing function, which is mostly used in large supermarkets or shopping malls.

3. Electronic counting scale

In addition to the functions of the common weighing scale, the electronic counting scale can also use its counting function to count quickly and easily. It has the advantage that the traditional weighing scale can't match. The general counting scale can be equipped with standard or optional RS232. A communication interface that allows users to connect peripheral devices such as printers and computers.


Counting scales are widely used in electronics, plastics, hardware, chemicals, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, scientific research, feed, petroleum, textile, electric power, environmental protection, water treatment, hardware machinery and automated production lines.


4. Weighing scale

The electronic weighing scale is an electronic weighing device that integrates modern sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology. Generally used for weighing measurement of items, and some scales can be both weighed and counted, weighing scale adopts high-precision 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion technology chip and ultra-low-power CPU chip. It has high precision and good stability. It is widely used in factories, enterprises, commerce and other occasions where accurate weighing is required.

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