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Some useful travel advice

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·Keep A Good State of Mind

Travel, uncontrolled weather, uncontrolled flights, uncontrolled traffic jams, there are many uncertainties. Please believe in the crew, guide guide and driver, they have more experience handling such situation than you to make the tourism proceed smoothly.

·Prepare A Luggage Scale

Luggage scales can weigh luggage. Knowing the luggage weight can reduce unnecessary trouble, such as overweight luggage. 

·Make A Good Shopping Plan

Buy what you want to buy, but don't affect others shopping. Think about it before you buy something. Do you really need to buy it? don't buy it blindly. Of course, asking for a refund after buying will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

·Arrange The Travel Time

Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance to handle the boarding pass. It's common sense. There may be traffic jams on the road, boarding needs to line up, the first time to go, can not find the counter, it will take time. The plane only waits for the airline stewardess, the plane does not wait for you.

·Don't Rely Too Much on Tour Guides Or Others

Hotel deposit needs to go to the front stage to pay, need to check out by themselves. Don't rely on tour guides for everything. Free travelers, pay attention to the relevant bills.

·Bring The Right Amount of Change And Cash

Don't travel without a penny. You have to pay to get on the bus. Remember to bring a little cash, can not rely on credit cards, after all, not everywhere can swipe cards.

·Do A Good Job in Tourism

Don't believe that there is always one body or soul on the road, this kind of chicken soup for the soul. When you don't have enough knowledge to travel, what you see is stone, others see history and culture, architectural science, beauty and artistic conception. Please read well at home and make yourself meaningful.

·Don't Believe in Poor Travel

Don't trust the ads all over the place. Choose a trusted travel agency. Choosing preferential travel routes does not mean reducing quality. What you don't know is that there are more going out and more accidents.

·Plan The Itinerary in Advance

Specials are not available every day. Please plan your time in advance. The trip without plan means that you have a passport, you have enough cash, you can't think too much, and when you think about it, the plane has flown away.

·Don't Destroy Cultural Relics

News often reports on the destruction of cultural relics, many cultural relics after a hundred years of wind and frost are standing, please do not destroy. Be sure not to carve words in scenic spots, although carving words are easy, but it is very difficult to erase these words.

·Protect The Environment

Please try to throw the garbage into the trash can. Because if your hometown is so dirty, you shouldn't be happy. After all, this is everyone's scenery.

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