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SF-916 Suofei fantastic crane hanging scale

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Industrial crane scales are used for weighing a hanging load. When industrial needs are concerned, very heavy, sometimes bulky loads are involved which are not always easy to place on the scales for determining the exact weight.
The scale is a combination of solid mechanical design and today's most advanced electronics to provide a superb feature set. It is versatile, reliable, accurate and easy to operate.
A quality stainless steel load receptor protects the scale well. The combination of integrated circuit and precise load cells ensure a stable reading. It features Autozero,Zero,Tare, Hold, Auto power-off, Battery supervision, Overload alarm and Unit switch functions.

· FARMING: Perfect for weighing farm animals both quiet and jumpy ones,not only tiny newborns but also on monster sized animals.It can weight deer,sheep,lambs and goat,etc.

· HUNTING: It can be used for weighing feral hogs and deer for bragging rights at hunting ranches. It is even able to measure up to a 600+lb bear.

· FISHING: You can check how big exactly is the fish you catch.Organize a fishing game,or simply take a picture to show your friends on Facebook or twitter.

· HOUSEHOLD: Want to check your luggage before travel to make sure it's not overweight? Want to find out how fast your kids or dogs are growing in terms of weight?If the answer is yes,you definitely need this scale in your garage.

· WORKSHOP: There are many occassions a high precision and wide range scale is needed when you are working in the workshop.Trust me,this scale is the one that meets all your needs.

· BOW TUNING: The labeled pull force of a bow is usually different to actual number in practice.This scale can measure the actual pull force precisely in lb,kg or N.

· DOCTORS: Sometimes it's crucial for doctors to monitor patients' weight day by day.This portable scale is qualified for the job without question.

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