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SF-801 Parcel weight scale

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If you have been working in the kitchen for a while, then you would agree with us that using the correct proportion of ingredients plays an important role to get the required taste and of the recipe, you are making in the kitchen. However, you can’t always be correct in assuming the quantity of the ingredients. In order to get the correct proportion every single time while cooking, you should rely on a digital kitchen scale that can help you get the right amount of ingredient every single time when you are making a new dish. Let me introduce our SF-801 excellent weight scale to you.


· Enhanced capacity with higher precision - This postage scale weighs up to 110 lbs in 0.1 oz graduation. It can meet all your needs from a first-class package to parcel packages.

· Multi Measuring Units - This new compact and light weight shipping postal scale has five measuring units: lb, oz , combined display (Kg:g, lb:oz) , pcs.

· Extra Large LCD display - The extra large back-lit LCD display allows you to work under any environment.

· Convenient Tare Function - Shipping postal scale features tare function which allows you to zero out the number for multi-packages purpose. Or use the tare weighing option to subtract the weight of an empty box or container for net weight determination.

· Hold Function - Hold function allows you to lock the number after you take the package off the platform. Especially useful for over-sized package. Power supply : 3 x AAA Battery (Included), AC adapter (Included). When using on Battering, it will turn off automatically after 90 seconds. When using Ac adapter for power supply, it won't turn off automatically.



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