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SF-550 66 LB x 0.1 OZ Digital Postal Shipping Scale with Counting Function

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SF-550 is a full-size multifunctional desktop shipping scale. SF-550 distinguishes itself from other similar postal scales with its large base and platform, parts counting function, 0.1oz/1g accuracy, and low starting weight (~5g) Compared to its previous version, SF-550 now has a combined display (LB: OZ or KG: G, see pictures) , while retaining other great features (e.g., back-lit display, AC power input, stable low profile, and detachable platform) of this versatile shipping scale.

SF-550 is also suitable for many other weighing needs (diet, kitchen, hobbies, hardware, etc)

Digital Postal Shipping Scale

【Quality】Postal Scales SF-550 Digital Desktop Postal Scale is made of high impact ABS composite material and is ruggedly designed. Our Digital Desktop Postal Scale is structurally reinforced to offer overload protection for heavier items. Suofei Scales 021s. A must have for any office or home.

【Compact and Light weight】Postal Scales SF-550 Digital Desktop Postal Scale is compact and light weight and is the reliable option for desktop use in areas where limited in working space, both at home, in an office or in a warehouse setting. Additionally, its stabilization feature and detachable platform make it easy to store and portable. Furthermore, SF 550’s large bright LCD provide luminescent display in any environment. (Scale: 8.25" x 9" x 1.8"; Platform: 8.25” x 6.5")

【User Friendly】Postal Scales SF-550 Digital Desktop Postal Scale is crafted to be accurate, and user-friendly. SF-550 Digital Desktop Postal Scale’s smart tare function can easily zero out the weight of a container, allowing for consecutive measurement of different items. This come particularly handy when having to filling a container in large warehouse or office environments. Its count function working in conjunction with the tare function and is great for measuring smaller pieces.

Digital Postal Shipping Scale

【Versatile】The feature packed, versatile Horizon Scales SF-550 Digital Scale is ideal for measuring parcels but can also be great additional to any chef’s kitchen, handyman’s garage or hobbyist office. Experience smooth, proficient operation with postal Scales SF 550 Digital Scale.

【Precision】Postal Scales SF-550 Digital Desktop Postal Scale is capable of being powered by 2 AA batteries or AC adapter; boasts a 0.1 oz or 1g measurement accuracy; and a low starting weight of 5g to ensure your business is never surprised by any unanticipated shipping costs. Our Digital Desktop Postal Scale can be used anywhere to meet your measurement needs.

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