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Reasons for affecting Jewelry Price

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·Aesthetic factors

Beauty is one of the main factors that make up precious stones. If precious stones are not beautiful, they cannot be called precious stones. For example, diamonds for work, because the interior is unclean, too dark, can not be used as precious stones. Therefore, jewelry and jade have been regarded as a special beauty since ancient times. In the writing of the literati, the precious stone is compared to the tears of the girl, the stars in the sky, the crystallization of the wisdom of the sages. Jewelry has inherent aesthetic value, mainly manifested as color beauty (bright color), crystal beauty (good transparency and gloss), special optical effect beauty (some gems have the characteristics of color change, discoloration, starlight effect, etc.), as well as the style beauty of jewelry (art beauty represented by various jewelry styles) and so on.

·Endurance Factor

Durability is also one of the essential factors that make up precious stones. Gemstones used as jewelry generally have greater hardness (e.g. diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc.), strong toughness (e.g. jade, nephrite, etc.) and stability (the ability of precious stones to resist fading and change due to chemical reactions caused by light or heat). Therefore, precious stones generally have the characteristics of wear resistance, physical and chemical stability. In other words, in the process of people wearing the jewelry, proper care is given, the beauty of the stone is long, and the jewelry is not corroded and worn.

·Rare Factor

Rarity is also one of the three elements of precious stones. For precious stones, rarity plays a very important role in determining its value. The smaller the output, the greater the demand, and the higher the value. Therefore, you must weigh the jewel on the jewelry scale before you buy it, so as not to be deceived. On the contrary, some gemstones are widely distributed in nature, and the demand is not small, but the value is not high. Such as purple crystal, its color is very beautiful, gem characteristics are good, because of its large output, so the value is relatively cheap. High quality emerald, ruby, sapphire and cat's eye stone with rare distribution in nature, resulting in a large gap between supply and demand, so the value is expensive.

·Demand Factor

Demand is also one of the factors affecting the value of precious stones. The demand for jewelry, first of all, is its beauty, durability and rare, and is then the consumer's understanding, appreciation and attention. The greater the demand for a jewel, the higher the price of the jewel. For example, the distinctive Tantanite has good gemological characteristics, but in the past it has not been paid much attention until recently, because more and more people know to appreciate it, resulting in an increase in demand, and a limited output of the precious stone itself. As a result, the price is also rising. In addition, demand is related to advocacy. As Diana's wedding ring was made of sapphire, she was particularly fond of sapphires and pearls, and a sudden increase in the demand for these two gemstones in the 1980s jewelry market.

The above are the four factors that affect the value of precious stones. Although precious stones are beautiful, but you have to buy precious stones according to your own financial situation. 

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