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Need a nice scale for your fishing life!

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It is portable, versatile, accurate, reliable, and very easy to operate.

This Hanging scale is suitable for weighing items that are hard to place on a platform scale.

Suitable for industrial, agriculture, domestic, luggage, parcels, fishing, hunting and other heavy objects.

SF-910 is a performance and safety oriented small crane/hanging scale that features sound mechanical design and advanced electronics.

The compact and lightweight design with retractable handle and hook stowage on the back means the scale is easy and convenient to transport or stow away when not in use.

Material: plastic, metal.
Color: black.
Size: 315*100*35mm.
Capacity: 200 kg/ 440 lbs.
Min. Weight: 100g±1d.
Accuracy: 0.05kg.
Modes: kg / lb / N.
Auto Off: 3 Mins.
Tare Range: Tare Full Capacity.
Reading Stable Time: 10 SEC.
Display: LCD illUminated.
Power: 1.5v 2 * AAA Battery (Included)

fish scale

ACCURATE&SENSITIVE.Quality integrated circuit and durable load cells.1" large illuminated LCD display.Over-load/low battery indicator.Multiple weighing modes: Kg, Lb, and N

· SUPER EASY TO USE.You don't even bother to read the manual thanks to the operation.Just the stuff to the hook,then read the numbers.It features Autozero,Tare,Hold,Auto power-off,Battery supervision,Overload alarm and Unit switch functions.

· HUGE READ OUT SCREEN.Equipped with a 2" long LED display with backlight,the huge black numbers are visual over 10 meters.Stainless steel load receptor

· GREAT SAFETY.Load receptor,shackle and hook are all made of quality stainless steel,which makes the scale very sturdy and durable.The load-carrying structure will never fail.

· PORTABLE&MULTIPURPOSE.With it's handheld size and less than 2 pounds weight,you can carry it almost anywhere to use.You can use it in farming,fishing,workshop,household and a lot more.


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