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Make weighing much easier!!

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SF-918 is a performance and safety oriented mini crane/hanging scale that features sound mechanical design and advanced electronics. It is portable, versatile, accurate, reliable, and very easy to operate.

1. Quality integrated circuit and durable load cells
2. 1" large illuminated LCD display
3. Stainless steel load receptor
4. Aluminum casing
5. Multiple weighing modes: Kg, Lb, and N
6. Over-load/Low battery indicator
7. Auto zero resetting/power off

hanging scale

1. Dimensions: 3.1 x 12 x 1.5" (Depth)
2. Weight: 23 oz
3. Color: Red
4. Capacity: 300 kg/ 600 lbs
5. Min. Weight: 100g±1d
6. Accuracy: 0.05kg
7. Modes: kg / lb / N
8. Auto Off: 3 Mins
9. Tare Range: Tare Full Capacity
10. Reading Stable Time: < 10 SEC
11. Display: LCD IllUminated
12. Power: 1.5v×2AAA Battery (Included)

Package Includeds:
1* SF-918 Crane Scale
2* AAA Batteries
1 x User Manual


· Quality integrated circuit and durable load cells,1" large illuminated LCD display

· Aluminum casing,Stainless steel load receptor

· Multiple weighing modes: Kg, Lb, and N

· Over-load/Low battery indicator,Auto zero resetting/power off


More wide application:
Home:Accurate and vastly that is made specifically for a Hoyer lift,it can weighs Children,disabled or paralyzed people.
Farm:Accuracy is very important when you are weighing milk or livestock feed;It weighs game animals,especially the wiggling ones on slings.
Hunting and fishing club:Perfect for weighing turkeys,wild hogs,deer and fishes;It is able to weigh up to a 600 lb black bear.
Shop:The scale is very durable for everyday use.
Factory:Attach it to a forklift with a shackle and make it easy to get weights.

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