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How to weigh the baby at home

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Weight is one of the important indicators to measure the growth and development of babies. Therefore, it is important to weigh and record the baby's weight, and it is very an important index to judge whether the weight of the baby is stably and continuously increase. So, what should be used to weigh the baby at home?

·Baby Scale

Baby scale is suitable for newborn babies below 15kg. The maximum weighing of the baby scale is generally no more than 15kg, mainly used to measure the weight of the newborn baby, and baby scales are basically used to weigh newborns in hospitals.

Weighing tips:

When weighing, the baby's swaddling clothes, quilt and so on should be removed, just wear close underwear. 

The newborn baby has a weak ability to move, so just put the baby gently in the center of the scale. When the baby is a little older, it is best to wrap the baby in swaddling, so as not to move around to affect the weighing results. But be careful not to wrap too tightly, wrapped too tight will make the baby feel uncomfortable and move more severely, affecting weighing.

It is recommended to weigh the baby after defecation or before feeding, so that the results are more accurate.

·Hook Scale

Hook scale is suitable for newborn babies below 10kg. Hook scale is also called portable scale. In rural areas, people are generally used to weighing newborn babies with hook scales, but the maximum weighing of ordinary household hook scales is generally not more than 10 kg.

Weighing tips:

Before weighing, find a strong piece of cloth, sew firmly on the four corners of the cloth, then put the baby in the middle of the cloth, hang the cloth on the scale hook to measure the weight. 

When weighing, you must pay attention to prevent the weight from slippage and smashing the baby. 

It is best to weigh in bed so that the baby does not fall from the cloth.

Because there is an uncertain danger, so it is not recommended to use hook scale to weigh the baby. 

·Electronic Scale

Electronic scale is suitable for babies over 1 year old. Nowadays, many families are equipped with convenient and small electronic scales. But the electronic scale is too small to weigh the baby in swaddling, only for the more stable baby who can stand and stand on his own.

Weighing tips:

When the baby stands, let the baby keep his body motionless as far as possible, otherwise it will affect the weighing result. 

·Warm Reminder

No matter which method is used to measure the weight, we should lose the weight of the baby's clothes, shoes, hats, diapers and so on, so that the net weight of the baby is obtained. It has more reference value. 

It is best to carry out weight measurement on a regular basis, such as weighing your baby on the 5th of each month, so that the results are of high reference value. 

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