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How to use the kitchen scales

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The kitchen scale is a kitchen tool that many families have nowadays. The kitchen scale can help us cook delcious food. Here are some knowledge about the kitchen scale.

The usage of Kitchen scale

1. Determine the type of kitchen scale you want to use. Some people prefer to buy digital scales because they provide accurate measurements without measuring. When choosing, focus on the kitchen scale that allows you to read easily. Within budget, buy a bowl or cup for food storage and easy to use.

2. Read the manual manual attached to the kitchen scale. The manual may not have a simple tutorial, but some digital scales have advanced functions such as calorie measurement and nutritional value, and reading the manual will help you understand the specific features of the scale.

3. Turn your kitchen scale to zero. The electronic kitchen scale only needs to press the return to zero key. For the spring kitchen scale, you need to turn the knob on the scale to zero.

4. Weighing bowls or containers for storing your weighed food. You need to know the weight of the container so that you can subtract it from the number in the scale when you add food to it. Some kitchen scales have a special button that automatically records the weight of the container and subtracts it. Use this function according to the instructions of the kitchen scale.

5. Put the food in the container on the scale. Please wait a moment before reading the weight. If you are using an electronic kitchen scale, you will see the weight automatically displayed on the display.

How to choose kitchen scales

1. Material: The material of kitchen scale is roughly divided into shell and bracket material. First of all, the kitchen scales of different prices and brands will be made of materials once and twice. Generally speaking, the appearance is as rugged as sand, and the kitchen scales with a sense of granulation are made of 2 times. Its price is also generally cheaper than the electronic scale made of primary material. The material of the bracket is divided into aluminum or iron. It is suggested that everyone should choose aluminum bracket, which can play a better protective role for the kitchen scale.

2. Accuracy: For smaller kitchen scales, accuracy is something that users need to focus on when choosing. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the kitchen scale is 1/5 of its measurement, that is to say, if the accuracy is 0.1g, it is 0.5g nominal, and the error range is within plus or minus 0.3g. Most kitchen scales on the market weigh up to 3 kilograms, and very few are up to 5 kilograms. You can choose freely according to the accuracy and measurement you need.

3. Measurement unit: Compared with the real intelligent electronic scale, the kitchen scale can do the best in accuracy, but it may not be able to outperform everything in function. Today's kitchen scales have only a single unit of measure, either metric (gram, kilogram) or British (ounce, pound), and each user's habits are different. Therefore, in this case, we must pay attention to the units of measurement in accordance with their own habits when choosing and purchasing electronic scales. 

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