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How to use crane scales?

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The electronic scale is a kind of weighing instrument used to measure the product. Because the gravity varies from place to place, the accuracy of electronic scale should be adjusted appropriately.


The same is true for electronic hook scales. The electronic hook scale consists of three major components: the sensor, the scale frame and the weighing display controller. The scale frame transmits the weight of the goods on the transmission belt to the weighing sensor for load acceptance, transmission and installation. It is the intermediate conversion link in the weighing process, and it is also the most important component of the electronic belt scale. The accuracy and stability of a certain link play a decisive role in the function of the electronic transmission belt scale. Also pay attention to avoid overloading the crane scale sensor during using. So how to use crane scales correctly?

(1) Before using the electronic hook scale, the corresponding batteries should be loaded into the scale body and display instrument.


(2) When installing or replacing batteries, it is necessary to tighten the locking screw of the battery clamp, check whether the battery clamp is firm fixed on the scale body, and then close the door of the scale to prevent accidents.


(3) When the meter displays undervoltage, immediately replace the battery pack and charge the replaced battery in time to prevent battery damage.When the battery pack is not used for a long time, it should be charged once every other time. The battery should be stored in a dry, ventilated and temperature-friendly environment, and avoid contact with corrosive substances.

(4) When loading and unloading the battery pack connecting cable aviation socket, do not grasp the clamping cap of the clamping wire with your hand, but grasp the base.  The aerial plug connected by the power supply of the transmitter on the other side should not grasp the clamping cap, and the rotatable cap of the head should be grasped for loading and unloading, so as to prevent the failure caused by the loosening of the power connection.

(5) When taking the battery, pay attention not to carry the battery power cord by hand, but to hold the main part of the battery, so as to prevent the failure caused by the loosening of the power cord.

(6) Before switching on the power supply, the antenna and its laying wires must be connected reliably in order to avoid damage.

(7) Avoid the electronic hook scale from severe vibration and magnetic collision.There are many electronic components inside electronic hook scales, such as integrated circuits, quartz crystals, sensors, monitors and so on. When electronic hook scales are severely collided, these components may be damaged, resulting in electronic hook scales failure, affecting accuracy and affecting normal use. In order to avoid collision between weighing scale and other objects or fall from high altitude, the instrument should be handled lightly and placed at will, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. When the instrument is fixed on the crane, vibration damping measures should be taken to avoid affecting the reliability.

(8)When the electronic hook is in normal use, do not disassemble the parts on the electronic scale at will, do not open the sealing port on the sensor, disassemble the integrated circuit and other components on the instrument. Necessary maintenance must be carried out under the guidance of relevant technicians.

(9) After hanging, it is strictly forbidden to stand or place dangerous goods under the hook to ensure property and life safety.

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