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How to make the crane scale stable

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Nowadays, the popularity of electronic scales is very high. The electronic crane scale can complete the weighing task when the goods are lifted, the weighing efficiency is greatly improved, so the electronic lifting scale is applied to all walks of life. In the process of using the electronic scale, if the electronic scale is not stable enough, the weighing result will be inaccurate, which will cause certain economic losses. In short, stability is a key factor in metering equipment such as electronic scales.

If the crane scale is in continuous weighing, the data has serious errors, then it indicates that there is a problem with the sensor. Data are all signals sent by sensors. Once the signal is transmitted incorrectly, there will be different data phenomena. Of course, it may also be because when the goods are lifted, the goods are heavier and there is a sway in the lifting, which will lead to the phenomenon of different data for each time when weighing by electronic crane. If the operator finds such a problem, then it needs to stop in time, first to see if the goods are shaking, and then to see how big the errors in the data are. If the data error of each weighing is within 2G, then this is the allowed category. It is not necessary to tangle with this problem. The median value of these data can be used as the final standard value.

In short, the phenomenon of different continuous weighing data like the hook scale should be taken seriously at the first time, instead of continuing to weigh. If the problem occurs within the allowable error range, then the intermediate value can be taken. On the contrary, if the error is too large, the intermediate value cannot be taken, and the cause of the error needs to be found. As a tool that can keep weighing stable in dynamic environment, electronic scale can be favored by so many customers. And why can this electronic scale keep weighing stable in dynamic environment?

In fact, the reason why the electronic hanging scale can maintain the weighing stability in the dynamic environment is entirely because it has a dynamic sensor installed inside. When such a dynamic sensor encounters shaking or vibration, it can be kept stable without disturbing the weighing effect. And if it is in a stable situation, then there is a static sensor inside the electronic scale, that is, the same sensor as other electronic scales, which can ensure the accuracy of weighing in the static environment. With these two different types of sensors, when the electronic crane scale is weighed, there is no need to worry about the scale being shaken and disturbed.

Of course, in addition to this dynamic sensor can assist the electric hook scale to maintain stable weighing, the accessories of the electronic crane scale also play an important role. Because when the goods are shaking, it is only these accessories that can maintain stability. Therefore, the dynamic sensor is only to maintain the stability of the internal data of the electronic scale, and the accessories of the electronic scale are to assist the electronic scale to maintain the external stability. With the assistance of these accessories, the electronic scale can maintain uniform stability under any circumstances.

Once the electronic crane scale is unstable, it will affect the measurement accuracy and work efficiency, and find the cause of the error in time to avoid unnecessary losses.


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