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How to extend the life of hook scale

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The electronic hook scale adopts an electronic weighing device integrated with modern sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology. It satisfies and solves the weighing requirements proposed of "fast, accurate, continuous, automatic" in real life, and effectively eliminates human error, and is more in line with the application requirements of legal metrology management and industrial production process control. So how to increase the service life of the electronic hook scale?


1. A good quality electronic scale must have the following five characteristics:

(1) The deviation of the four corners is small. The weights placed in the center of the weighing tray and in the four corners must be read in the same way, and should not exceed the tolerance.

(2) Creep resistance: Put the item on the scale, and the reading value will not be out of tolerance due to time changes.

(3) High accuracy. The reading value and the standard weight value must be consistent, and should not be out of tolerance.

(4) Good Repeatability. The same item is overweighted multiple times, and each reading must be consistent and must not be out of tolerance.

(5) Good linearity. Weighing in different ranges, must be accurate, not over-tolerance.

In order to increase the service life of electronic hook scale, we must start from the above five aspects.

2. Environmental factors have a great impact on the hanging scale, which cannot be ignored. The environmental impacts mainly include the following:

(1) Vibration or shaking can affect the stability of the scale. The scale must be placed on a stable surface to ensure accuracy.

(2) The disturbance of the wind will affect the stability of the reading. It should be avoided to put the scale in the front of the window or fan.

(3) Temperature changes may change the reading value. A good electronic scale will not change the reading value because of temperature changes.

(4) Pulsation, radio wave and static electricity will affect the normal work of electronic scales. An excellent electronic scales should be free from interference.


3. Parts on the electronic scale cannot be removed at will.

During the normal use of the electronic scale, do not arbitrarily disassemble the components on the electronic scale, and do not disassemble the components such as the integrated circuit on the sensor and the circuit board. The necessary maintenance must be carried out by the relevant technical personnel to prevent the fault from expanding.

4. Management of Electronic Scale

Electronic scales are precision instruments. It is recommended that users specify the necessary management system, implement special personnel, special management, and special purpose to establish necessary use and maintenance records. If it is not applicable for a long time, it should be stored at a fixed point, protected from moisture, dust, and sun.


5. Battery should be charged in time.

The battery has a limited capacity. When it is not used for a long time or the power indicator is displayed during operation, the battery should be charged in time to avoid excessive battery discharge and affect battery life. It is strongly recommended that lead-acid batteries should be recharged at least once a month.


Generally, as long as you pay attention to the above points, I can basically ensure that the life of the electronic hook scale is prolonged by more than one year.

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