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How to choose fishing rod?

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You need to prepare the right tools before fishing. In addition to fishing weighing scale and bait, you also need to prepare the right fishing rod.

The carbon content of fishing rod

Many fishing rods are marked with many T, 24T, 30T or even 45T. In short, it is carbon content. The higher the number is, the higher the carbon content is, that is the difference between high carbon and low carbon. The higher the T value is, the lighter and straighter the fishing rod is, but more brittle. As a result, many people bought high carbon fishing rods to catch 4, 5 catties of fish unexpectedly broke, the heart scolded the adulterer. Generally speaking, high carbon fishing rods are used for competitive fishing, especially for small crucian carp below 50 grams. The people who use high carbon fishing rod in this case will feel very good. It is not too hard to throw and lift the rod frequently. In short, people who use high carbon fishing rod to catch big fish in the wild are basically waiting to cry. Therefore, the production process of fishing rod needs to add other materials to improve the elasticity and toughness of fishing rod. With more other materials, fishing rod must be soft and heavy, so it is not suitable to choose a fishing rod with a high carbon level.

The toughness of fishing rod 

The toughness of fishing rod is whether the rod is soft or hard. According to the above description of carbon content, the harder the fishing rod is, the greater the T value is. But what kind of toughness of fishing rod to choose depends on the water environment and fishing species. Generally speaking, fishing the fast and small fish, hard pole is the best. Marlin, a fish with fast speed, it is must be caught with hard fishing rod. But we all know that the hard rod also has shortcomings, the first is to lift the rod to drive the line faster than the soft rod. If the strength is too large, it is easy to hurt the mouth of the fish, especially when fishing for crucian carp. Secondly, the hard fishing rod is easy to break the line when fishing for big fishes.

The feeling of the fishing rod

There is also an important measure of the fishing rod, that is, the weight of the fishing rod. Need to see where the center of gravity of the whole fishing rod is, the closer the center of gravity is to the handle, the better the feel. For example, two rods are 100g different, the center of gravity of the heavy one is lower, and when you fish, you may feel that the heavy one feels light instead. So we choose fishing rods, not the lighter the better, but to feel light in our hands. The fishing rod with low center of gravity saves our strength when throwing and lifting the rod. So some fishing rods in order to be strong, the bottom of the rod will be a little solid, this kind of fishing rod is very suitable for big fishes.

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