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How to choose a fishing position

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Many people like fishing, before fishing, not only need to prepare fishing tools, such as fishing rods, bait, fishing weighing scales, but also need to choose the right place to fish, the following places must have the right choice for you.

1. Because the terrain of the reservoir is not the same, there are large and small, deep and shallow, but the irregular places on the shore will have concave parts, which we call back bay. There is a big and small return to the bay, but there is one thing in common, that is, the flow of water here is relatively slow. The result of the slow flow of water is that the food can stay here. Among freshwater fish, the species we often fish, such as crucian carp, grass carp and so on, have the habit of going up against the water. But the fish's body structure is not suitable for fighting rapids, so they prefer areas where the flow is slow. This makes back bay a very good fishing position, and straight shore will hardly have a good fishing position.

2. The so-called share tip is part of the reservoir bank that extends into the reservoir, and it is also recognized as a good fishing position.Fishes do not feed in deep water when they look for food in the water, because there is little food in deep water. But the shallow water area will have the water grass or more aquatic insects because of the sun, and the natural food on the shore will fall into shallow water first. So the fish will not be too far from the shore when looking for food, which leads to the share tip in the reservoir becoming the only way for fish to look for food. The fish will come from the first three directions at the left and right, so the fish is often twice as good as the fish.

3. Riprap is not the fishing position that every reservoir has. Generally speaking, it mainly exists near the dam, of course, some mountain reservoirs may be called riprap. The underwater environment of riprap is very complex, and it is a good place for fish to avoid natural enemies and look for food. For example, there are often a lot of small fish, shrimp and snails in the riprap, and these rich bait will certainly attract all kinds of fish to look for food.

4. The grass here has two meaning, the first is the water grass area in the reservoir, any season is the best fishing position. There is also the shore of grass or crops, in the season of rising water will be submerged under the water, these grass or crops to bring rich fish, so it is also a very good fishing position.

5. The inlet is definitely the best fishing position in summer, but it will be worse in other seasons. There is water injection at the inlet, which not only brings fresh oxygen, but also brings organic matter washed down upstream. At the same time, the intake of new water will also keep the water temperature in this small area low. So in summer, it fully meets the needs of fish for food, oxygen, and water temperature. 

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