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How to choose Jewelry scale

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As people's lives get better and better, people begin to pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Jewelry as a symbol of identity, is now very popular. The value of jewelry lies not only in material and workmanship, but also in its weight. Jewelry scales will be used to weigh jewelry. Here is an introduction to how to choose jewelry scales.

The Reasons Why Jewelry Needs To Be Weighed

Jewelries are valuable and meaningful collection of items, such as the diamond ring at marriage, is worth a lifetime collection. Therefore, this kind of precious thing must be accurate in weight. Some businesses make more money by falsely marking the weight of jewelry to sell it at a higher price. So weighing jewelry can reduce unnecessary losses.

How To Measure Jewelry

Jewelry identification is a difficult thing for ordinary people, preferably sent to a professional accreditation body for identification. People who often come into contact with jewelry have their own experience in identifying jewelry. Take jade as an example, the hardness of jade is very high, like diamond, so you can scratch a trace on the glass by jade. The jade is cold, and then put a hair on the jade, burn with a lighter, the hair attached to the jade will not be burned.

How To Choose Jewelry Scale

1. Select a Jewelry scale with small unit: Because most of the jewelry will not be too heavy, the accuracy of the scale is very important. So it is suggested that when choosing, try to choose a smaller unit, such as 500g/0.01g is very appropriate.

2. Brand: It is suggested to choose the jewelry of famous brand. This kind of jewelry scale has a high guarantee, and it also has a guarantee in accuracy. Choosing another brand does not mean you can't buy a good scale. It will be better if you choose according to your personal economic situation.

3. Prior weighing: If you want to know whether the jewelry scale is accurate, you can weigh your jewelry that already knows the exact weight, so that you can check the accuracy of the weight you are going to buy.

4. Calibration method: If you are buying jewelry scales at a physical store, it is suggested that you can ask the shopkeeper to help calibrate the scales first. If you are buying them online, you need to calibrate them yourself. The calibration method is not difficult. First, you need to boot up, select "mode", hold down "mode" until "CAL" is displayed, and then press "mode", put the appropriate weight according to the scale of the interface prompt, until the "PASS" is displayed, then you have finished the calibration.

5. Suggestion: In order to avoid the large error of the jewelry scale in weighing, it is suggested that before weighing, wash the jewelry and put on gloves to take and put the jewelry, so as to eliminate the error as far as possible. 

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