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How to choose Baby scale

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Baby scale is used to scale the weight of the instrument, the general baby scale tray is designed for depression, suitable for baby lying and weighing, the measurement range is mostly in 30-100cm height of the baby, especially suitable for newborns. In many cases, the height and weight of a baby can be measured at the same time.

1. The baby scale with high performance-price ratio is the general style scale, detachable and  flexible to control. 

2. Weighing data is mainly displayed on the display screen. There are high-definition electronic display baby scales on the market, there are also baby scales with dashboard, the market sales are better for the previous model. The accuracy of the baby scale determines its accuracy. The accuracy of most baby scales can reach the last one of the decimal points, and some of them can reach the last two decimal points. The smaller the error is, the higher the accuracy is.

3. Baby scale should have smooth, close, skin-friendly, heat preservation characteristics, effective protection of infant and young skin body.

4. Battery-powered baby scales are generally suitable for No. 7 or No. 5 batteries, and baby scales with automatic induction switches or USB charging interfaces work better and have a longer service life. 

·Purchasing Skills of Baby Scale

1. Be sure to test repeatedly, such as weighing value unchanged, indicating that the accuracy of the product is high. Do not buy the products with uncertain weighing value.

2. High quality products are generally made of ABS environmentally friendly plastics and have no obvious irritating smell.

3. Try the baby scale before buying and place the product on the flat ground. Baby scale should be stable and gently push it without moving.

4. Choose a baby scale with detachable and wide concave. It can prevent the baby from turning over and take care of the spine, so that the baby in weighing more comfortable.

5. Check the appearance of the product. It is required smooth, no burr and sharp protrusions, pure color, high gloss, clean and impurity free package.

·Tips for The Purchase of Baby Scales

1. Products must pass quality certification, such as "3C" certification, no quality certification, trademark and manufacturer information products do not buy.

2. Determine whether the baby scale is a national guaranteed product. Require merchants to issue formal invoices and ask for after-sales service cards.

Misunderstandings in the purchase of baby scales

1. Buy an adult scale or a body scale to measure the baby's weight. An adult scale or a body scale is easy to cause errors, and the weighing value is low in accuracy.

2. Some mothers pursue accuracy too much and want to measure accuracy in the second two decimal places, but too high accuracy will not only increase the price of the product, but also cause unnecessary waste.

·Purchasing Trap of Baby Scale

1. Businesses vigorously promote high-price intelligent scales, in fact, its performance-to-price ratio is low, the general electronic baby scales can meet consumer demand. 

2. Accuracy and range do not match the actual marking information, so try more when purchasing.

3. Some enterprises use recycled plastic to make baby scales, the price is low, the performance is not good.

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