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How to choose 1 ton - 100 ton electronic crane scale?

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If you have never touched the weighing industry before, you may be stunned by the specific parameters of each product. This article can help you to choose a suitable electronic crane scale.

The widespread use of 1 ton-100 ton electronic hook scales is due to the fact that these equipments not only solve the actual needs of many industries, but also greatly increase production efficiency and save costs.

However, because the working principle of the crane scale is divided more and more fine and the customer's choice is more and more, the customer needs to know some specific parameters before purchasing the crane scale.

1. How to Choose an Electronic Hook Scale

When selecting the crane scale, you can make the correct selection and matching according to the characteristics of the industry or the work. Generally, the following points should be noted when selecting:

1) It can be divided into head suspension type, driving type, axletype, embedded type according to its working form.

2) The reading form is classified into the scale body direct display (that is, the sensor and the scale body are integrated), wired operation box display (the crane operates to control), the large screen display and the wireless transmission instrument display (can be networked with the microcomputer)

3) It can be divided into resistance strain type, pressure magnetic type, piezoelectric type and capacitive type according to the form of the sensor.

4) It is divided into normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type, antimagnetic insulation type and explosion proof type according to the use environment;

5) It can be divided into static type, quasi-dynamic type and dynamic type according to the data stabilization process.

6) It can be divided into different types according to the Use environment. Therefore, when selecting a crane scale, the environment should be fully considered.

According to the above 6 points analysis, it can be clearly seen that a simple electronic crane scale can also have too many changes.

2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Crane Scales

1) Reduce the operation process, speed up the measurement, save manpower, material resources and time, making the goods complete the measurement during the lifting, loading and unloading process.

2) It does not occupy the venue, easy and flexible to use.

3) It can make the measurement work continuously, and play a monitoring and control role. For example, in the electrolysis workshop and metallurgical casting of the non-ferrous industry, the weight of aluminum (steel) water in the aluminum (steel) water bag can be monitored in time to achieve the maximum utilization of equipment and energy conservation.

4) Realize the remote transmission of measurement data and centralize on monitoring, so that people can leave away the harsh and dangerous working environment.

5) It is easy to combine with the crane control system to reduce job settings.

6) The measurement verification is convenient and the error correction is simple.

7) Multi-function, high precision, strong anti-cheat, low maintenance costs are the main advantages of the electronic crane scales.

8) The hook suspension crane scale affects the height of the lifting cargo of the crane. The driving type and the axle type need to modify the crane, and the crane operation is affected during the maintenance.

9) Embedding is to install the weighing link in a certain part of the crane, which does not affect the lifting height and the crane operation.

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