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How to Maintain Electric Scale

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The users of electric scales often ignore the maintenance of electric scales, resulting in incorrect weighing, sometimes bringing unnecessary losses to the production of enterprises. For example, when the export products of the enterprise are declared, if the weighing is not correct, the products will be returned, which will lead to the delay of delivery. Therefore, doing a good job of normal maintenance of electric scales can not only reduce the cost of repair, but also prolong the service life, save expenses for users, and effectively ensure the smooth development of daily work.

Electric scales are instruments of precision and should be handled with extreme care, such as electric fishing scale and electric kitchen scale. Here are a few tips to keep a electric scale functioning properly. 

1. Use the scale on a hard, level and even surface. Inconsistent and soft surfaces will cause inaccurate measurements.

2. Ensure the scale is on a stable, vibration free surface. If the scale displays an unstable or “UnSt” error message then move the scale to a stable surface before usage.

3. Bath scales may not function properly on carpet. Be sure to place bathroom scales on a flat, level and hard surface.

4. Electric scales are not waterproof. Avoid exposure to moisture and submersion in any liquid.  To clean a electric scale, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Regular dish soap may be used to ensure a sanitary surface if necessary.

5. Avoid rough treatment, shaking and vibration. Such activity may damage the sensitive electronics and load cell.

6. It is forbidden to shower or flush with water. If it is accidentally contaminated with water, wipe it with a dry cloth, and if the function of the machine is abnormal, the machine shall be repaired as soon as possible.

7. If the electric scale is not in use for a long time, the machine should be wiped clean, wrapped in a plastic bag with desiccative, and the dry battery should be taken out; when using the rechargeable battery, it should be charged every three months to ensure its service life

8. In order to maintain the accuracy of the electric scale, it should be corrected at least once a year.

9. Adjust the adjusting foot of the electric scale so that the scale is stable and the bubbles in the level are in the center of the circle. When the power supply is turned on, do not put the items on the scale plate, heat the machine for more than 15 minutes before use (the high precision scale must take longer)

10. Electric scales are designed to operate at room temperature. electric scale may appear sluggish, inaccurate and their displays’ may not function properly in cold temperatures.

11. The scale’s display may be affected by electromagnetic disturbances such as operating near a radio or microwave. If this happens turn off the scale, move it away from the source of the disturbance and turn the scale back on.

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