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Gram Scale Digital Kitchen Scale

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Gram Scale Digital Kitchen Scale Mini Pocket Pro Size 500g x 0.01g with LCD Display Stainless Steel Platform for Cooking Baking Jewelry Weight Postal Parcel


· Stylish Design - plastic frame ABS and stainless steel plate make the scale durable and lightly. LCD display with blue back-lit make sure you can see clearly in the dark.

· Mini Size - Please NOTE there are 2 transparent plastic case covered the scale need to be removed before use, and the compact size makes it smaller than our books, takes up minimal space on your kitchen

· Multi-Function - four single operate buttons, POWER/ MODE/ TARE/ PCS to make it easily operate and wide weigh range grams, with units between g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn.

· Smart Indication - this digital scale equipped with high sensitivity gravity sensor, also can alert users for low battery power, overload, and uneven surface placement.

SUOFEI Guarantee - 1 year warranty, lifetime customer sale after service. Any problem feel free to contact us.

kitchen scale

kitchen scale

kitchen scale

Reset or balance a tare weight of the product, when you press "T" button

Solve the problem of not being able to weigh spices or powders, have this scale is enough

kitchen scale

Press "M" button, one-click switching unit. 

You can choose the proper measurement unit within g, oz, tl, ct and gn

Meet your own usage habits, six different units for you to use.

kitchen scale

LCD Display with a back light, easy to read the weight whatever at night or under the sun.In case of incomplete figure display, first to change the batteries,if still not solve, just sent e-mail to us to get help.   

kitchen scale

This scale can choose 100g/200g/300g/500g to calibrate,

When the scale on the calibration mode, press "T" button to choose suitable weight.

Tips: Please calibrate this scale when you first time to use it.


Stainless steel platform, smooth and flat, easy to clean 

when there is oil stain or dust on the surface.

Tips: Wipe the surface with a cloth and cover the

protective lid after use, which can prolong the service life.


This scale will make you easy to control your diet and maintain a healthy life.

When you are cooking, also can help you to make a delicious food for your families.

Don't forget your special family members, fix how much food it needs for each meal.

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