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Environmental analysis of several kinds of electronic hook scales

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Electronic hanging scales are a kind of commonly used weighing tool. Since it awlays suspends to weighing things, many people's concept of electronic hook scales basically stays on the concept of suspension. In fact, electronic crane scale has different kinds, and it is not only used in a certain area, the electronic crane scale can be used in different environments, and the effect is completely different. Next we will take a look at the different environmental analysis of the use of electronic crane scales.

1. Direct-viewing Electronic Crane Scale

This kind of electronic crane scales is seen or used by many people, because in many logistics warehouse industries, such direct-viewing electronic crane scales are the most common used, as well as factory workshops and bazaars. When it comes to the inventory quantity control and weighing the weight of the finished product, the effect of the electronic crane scale is better than others, and it is very convenient to weigh. It is easy to complete these weighing tasks by hanging directly.

2. Wireless Electronic Crane Scale

This kind of electronic crane scale is more popular because it uses wireless equipment, so it is very convenient when weighing. It is widely used in railway terminals and metallurgy, energy mines, etc. These places are mostly in a relatively harsh environment, and also involve the loading and unloading of goods, so the use of wireless electronic crane scales is more suitable, because wireless electronic crane scales can help these goods to be loaded and unloaded directly according to the weight when lifting.

3. Explosion-proof Electronic Crane Scale

This explosion-proof electronic crane scale is used for weighing in some dangerous places, such as gas or dust, and some paints, etc., weighing in these industries,the explosion-proof electronic crane scale is needed. The effect is also very good, it not only can weigh goods, but also can suppress some explosions.

4. High Temperature Resistance Electronic Crane Scale     

This kind of electronic crane scale is not simply used in some high temperature environments. In some common environments, it is also possible to use high temperature resistance electronic crane scales. However, in general, such high temperature resistance electronic crane scales are still used in high temperature environment such as steel bag and iron bag, weighing with magnetic field, because these circumstances are very obvious interfered by the external environment, so the use of high temperature resistance electronic crane scale is more suitable.

5. Monorail Electronic Crane Scale

This kind of monorail electronic crane scale is different from the ordinary electronic crane scale. It has a track to connect the electronic crane scale, so that the electronic crane scale can be more convenient and flexible to operate. It is mainly used in some meat supermarkets or meat wholesale.

 There are hook scales and electronic crane scales with limited weight. These two types of electronic crane scales are obviously less used than other electronic crane scales, because the use environment of these two scales is more common. When people choose, they usually like to choose some personalized and characteristic electronic crane scales, so that when you encounter some problems, you can quickly solve them without having to think about other methods. In short, when purchasing electronic crane scales, you should consider the use environment and performance of these electronic crane scales before you can choose a more suitable electronic crane scale.


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