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Electronic scale Internet of things transformation core mode transformation

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SuoFei Company has become the leading electric scales manufacturer in China since its development in 2001, and SuoFei Company is making every effort to transform to the direction of the Internet of Things. From a global perspective, the transformation from a traditional electric scales manufacturing enterprise to an Internet of Things enterprise is a difficult but pioneering innovation, and also a new mode of enterprise transformation in the industry. The success of transformation requires close attention to several modes issues:

Business Model Transformation

SuoFei Company has been specialized in producing electric scales since 2001 integrating design, development, production and sale. The products include body scales, body battery scales, kitchen scales, postal scales, crane scales,pocket scales, luggage scales and so on. At the same time, the service provided by SuoFei is the accurate service at any time after product standardization and product upgrading, so as to ensure the terminal market and customer satisfaction. And the SuoFei company set up R&D centers, customer centers, data centers, service centers to build the internal Internet of Things support system, and carry out a series of changes to achieve transformation. SuoFei gradually relies on the original sales force of equipment manufacturers, adds new sales personnel, distribution channels, and continuously expands product sales. At the same time, it takes the market share as the core task and establishes a new business model.


Management Model Transformation

The company encourages domestic salesmen to transform into entrepreneurs of Internet of Things companies, encourages company business departments to change, and at the same time integrates resources through capital operation. The company needs to provide platform, policy and training for the transformation of employees,and provide real-time information for the willingness to transform employees.

Capital Model Transformation

For SuoFei's Internet of Things strategy, product change will inevitably lead to industry change. And for SuoFei's subjective dual-core strategy of "product + service" and "intelligence + internet", capital model transformation is needed. With the transformation of many industrial IOT hubs, the depth and breadth of capital operation will far exceed the original electric scales enterprises. And the transformation of capital mode requires that SuoFei makes strong adjustments in talent selection and reserve, project source and selection and standardize the selection of assessment system and audit core, so as to eventually  set the direction for the new capital integration culture.

Mental Model Transformation

SuoFei team, including middle and senior management personnel, will habitually use the original mental model to think about problems, but found that the original successful experience will fail. In addition to the shorter product life cycle and faster technological progress, it is often the external environment changes. SuoFei should realize that the Internet of Things is overwhelming. The company must follow the trend and keep abreast of current affairs. When thinking about problems and making decisions, the company must see the customer requirements of the terminal market. Middle and high-level personnel need to deeply understand the changing needs of today's customers by means of itinerant services, Internet of Things seminars, customer visits, visits to the terminal market and other methods, to understand how to meet the needs of exceeding customers, and to transform the needs into the needs of companies.


Under the environment of tolerance, justice and transparency, under the banner of the common vision of building the international Internet of Things, SuoFei will be able to reach a high level, adapt to changes and create needs.

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