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Digital Postal Scale

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Thank you very much for choosing this digital scale.weighing scales are precision instruments that should always be handled with care.Please read all of the instructions before using it.The information will help you achieve the best possible results.


Capacity × Precision

10kg*0.5g,  25kg*1g,  30kg*1g,40kg*1g

Weighing units

lb:oz,  kg:g,  lb,  oz,  kg,  g

Overload indication


Low voltage indication


Optimumoperating  temperature


Platform Size


Power Suppler

4AA(1.5V) batteries or AC adapter (110-240V AC to 6V DC)


l Large LCD display with backlight

l Low battery “ Lo”  and over load indication “ O-LD ”

l If you don’t operate scale,  it will automatically power off after 5 minutes

l If the scale is powered by adapter or in calibration process, the scale will not automatically power off.

l You can open the top cover to hold special item, such as envelope, sphere, etc.


digital scale

Button Functions

1. ON/OFF Button: Pressing this button will turn the scale on and off

2. TARE Button: Pressing this button will tare the weight of the load. The tare function will eliminate the weight put on the scale, such as a container or vessel. This will give the weight only of the items added to the container.

3. UNIT Button: Pressing this button changes the unit of measure for the scale. The unit of measure is indicated by thesymbol  on the right side of the display.

4. PCS Button

When the scale is open, long press PCS botton, press UNIT/MODE botton to choose sample quantity(25/50/75/100), put items according to the sample quantity you choose, press PCS botton to confirm, put all items that you want count, the display will show quantity. If all items are overload, the display will show “O-LD”.


1. Please put scale on a level platform.

2. Please put batteries into the scale or plug the adapter into scale. 

3. Press the “ON/OFF” bottom to turn the scale on.

4. Wait until the display shows “0kg0g” before placing any weight on the scale.

1. Carefully place item(s) on the platform.

2. After a few seconds, the weight will stabilize and you can now get weight data from the LCD display.

3. Press the “UNIT” key you can switch between weighing units.

8. Auto-lock function

After the weight of the item(s) is/are stabilized, the display will automatically lock after flashing “hold” 6 times.

Unless all items on the weighing plate are removed, the weight readout on the display does not change.

The display will unlock when:


new items (> 0.03 oz (5 g)) are added to the weighing plate .


all items on the weighing plate  are removed. The display unlocks after flashing “hold” 4 times.





1. Put the scale on a horizontal flat platform

2. Turn on the scale, press the “UNIT” for six seconds, the indicator will show capacity, “CAL” and then “5kg”

3. Press “TARE” button to shift calibrated value from 5kg and 10kg, press “UNIT” button to confirm.

4. Please put counterweight on the platform according to what you choose.

5. The indicator will show “PASS”after the readout is stable.

7. If loading weight is not stable or you stop calibration, the scale will show “Err” and automatically turn off.

8. You can press ON/OFF to stop calibration.


Care Instructions

Don't put the scale on an uneven surface

Don’t expose scale to moisture

Don’t drop or mistreat the scale

Don’t overload the scale. This will permanently damage it!

Don’t leave weight on the scale when not in use.

Replace battery when the scale shows “LO” on the display

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