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Development trend of electronic scale

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Electronic scale is the product of the development of modern sensor technology.It can be divided into electronic fishing scaleelectronic body scale, electronic jewelry scale and electronic kitchen scale. Now it has developed towards miniaturization, modularity, integration, intelligentialize, comprehensiveness and combination, so the electronic scale industry has a good development prospect.


In recent years, the newly developed electronic platform scale structure fully reflects the development direction of small, thin and light. For the low capacity electronic platform scale and the electronic wheel shaft scale, the thin or ultra thin circular weighing sensor can be directly embedded in the blind hole with the same outer diameter of the steel plate or aluminum plate and the outer diameter of the weighing sensor to form a low shape weighing structure. The number and position of weighing sensors are determined by the rated load and mechanical requirements of the scale. For large electronic platform scales, the finite element method can be used to calculate the equal strength and stiffness, and the profile with high bending stiffness and light corrugated sandwich steel plate can be used.


 For large or super large carrier structure, such as large static and dynamic electronic automobile scale, several kinds of standard structure modules of length have been adopted, and new varieties and specifications of split weighing structure have been produced through split combination. It not only improves the generality, interchangeability and reliability of the product, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, it also reduces the cost and enhances the market competitiveness of enterprises.


For some kinds and structures of electronic scales, such as small electronic platform scales, special scales, portable static and dynamic electronic wheel shaft scales, static and dynamic electronic rail scales, etc., the integration of weighing body and weighing sensor, rail and weighing sensor, track weighing body and railway line can be realized.


The weighing display controller of the electronic weighing instrument is combined with the electronic computer, and the intelligence of the electronic computer is used to increase the function of the weighing display controller. On the basis of the original function, the electronic weighing instrument adds the functions of reasoning, judgment, self-diagnosis, self-organization and so on. This is the fundamental difference between the electronic weighing instrument with microcomputer the weighing display controller and the electronic weighing instrument with intelligent the weighing display controller in today's market.


The development law of electronic weighing technology is to strengthen the basic research and expand the application, expand the field of new technology, infiltrate into adjacent disciplines and industries, and synthesize all kinds of technologies to solve the problems of weighing, automatic control, information processing and so on.

·Combination Property

In the process or technological process of industrial weighing and metering, many weighing and measuring systems also require combinability, that is, the measurement range can be set at will. The hardware can make some adjustments according to certain working conditions and environment, and the hardware function can be developed in the direction of software, and the software can be modified and extended according to certain programs. Input and output data and instructions can be used in different languages and bar codes, and can communicate with external control and data processing devices.

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