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Development trend of Jewelry Industry

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·Development trend of International Jewelry Industry

After poor sales in December 2018 and talking about the development of the jewelry industry in 2019, some jewelry retailers said they would continue to be cautiously optimistic. Some jewelry retailers point out that the short-term development is worrisome. Some jewelry retailers say there is too much uncertainty in 2019 in the jewelry industry, although confidence is insufficient, but the future is promising.

Many questions have also been raised one after another by jewelry retailers. What impact will trade frictions between China and the United States have on the jewelry industry? Will the U. S. government shutdown still happen? How to restore Consumer confidence after the crisis? The outlook for the jewelry industry in 2019 seems to be shrouded in fog.

Whether the global economy is going into recession has become the focus of attention in various industries. The impact of the recession on the jewelry industry is fatal. If people can't even solve the problem of food and clothing, there will be no one to consume high-value jewelry. Because as a luxury, jewelry is not a necessity for people, and it does not and will not have any impact on their lives. A jeweler says the consumer will not to replace the jewelry with a ring, a necklace, and the like, like the replacement of home appliances and cars.

·Development trend of Jewelry Industry in China

Domestic jewelry consumer brand awareness is still in its early stage. With the continuous improvement of people's income level and consumption consciousness, the speed of industry integration is further accelerated, and the competition of the jewelry industry is becoming more and more intense in the enterprises with more brand.

At present, residents of third and fourth tier cities contribute nearly 60% of their total urban consumption. At the same time, 75% of the future consumption growth will come from third and fourth tier cities. The consumption growth demand of small and medium-sized cities has become the main driving force of the consumer market in China.

From the point of view of commercial value chain, the high quality channel resources of urban core business circle are limited, and having high quality channel resources can continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. More and more domestic jewelry enterprises begin to strengthen the control of terminal sales and channel construction by establishing core flagship stores, increasing high-end shop counters, and expanding the scale of affiliated stores. As an important factor of profitability and competitiveness of brand jewelry enterprises, channel resources will continue to be focused on and invested by jewelry enterprises.

The domestic jewelry consumption market is mainly gold jewelry, compared with the product design style, consumers pay more attention to the material, the product homogeneity is high, the jewelry enterprise design ability is insufficient. With the maturity of the market, the design style, style and technology of jewelry are increasingly valued by consumers. The ability of original product design will become one of the core competitiveness of jewelry enterprises to obtain market share. 

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