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Common faults and daily maintenance of electronic crane scale

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The electronic hook scale is a weighing instrument for weighing the symmetrical articles in the suspension state. It plays an irreplaceable role in the production and logistics operation of iron and steel works to ensure the accuracy of steel measurement. However, due to its high frequency of use, large cargo loaded and unloaded, and harsh environment, hook scales inevitably have more faults. Now let's learn the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the hook scale together.


Definition and Analysis of Fault Location of Electronic Hook Scale

If the electronic hook scale fails to work properly, the first thing is to find out where the failure occurs. The easiest way to judge is to turn on the computer. The method is as follows: restart in the condition of air balance. If the weighing display passes the self-test, the weighing display is normal and the fault is in the scale. Otherwise, the fault is in the weighing display.


Common Faults of Weighing Display

If the weighing display does not have any display when it is turned on, the main faults are as follows:


A. External power failure

The main reason is that the power plug is not properly plugged or disconnected, resulting in the instrument battery not charged.


B. Fault of weighing display itself

The main reason is that the power transformer of the main board of the weighing display drops. One of the main reasons is the failure caused by the aging of components. And a sudden change in the external power supply, which causes transformer damage.


For example, we have a five-ton electronic hook scale without display. After careful inspection, the causes of external power failure are eliminated. It was determined that the weighing display itself was out of order. When the case is opened, the multimeter is used to check and find that the power transformer is burnt out. After replacing a power transformer, the instrument battery charges normally. The weighing display works normally.


Maintenance methods

There are many repair methods for electronic hook scale, such as appearance observation, substitution, instrument inspection and analysis, and silicon code diagnosis. For example, the substitution method is to compare the electronic crane scale with the faulty scale by means of the instrument when checking the faults, so that the faulty points can be found quickly. In addition, sensors, circuit boards, power supplies, keyboards and other components prepared in the work. If the sensor, circuit board, power supply, keyboard and other parts are suspected to be damaged, replace them with spare parts. Then we can see if the results have changed. If the display is normal, the original component is defective. The comparison and substitution method can quickly and accurately determine the fault point. In actual repair work, several methods are often used synthetically. We need to be flexible and not just use one method. The key is to pay attention to analysis and accumulate the classical face. Only in this way can we avoid detours and find out faults quickly.


Every kind of equipment will inevitably cause malfunction or other problems when it is used, and electronic hook scale is no exception. When problems occur with electronic hook scale, we should learn how to solve them.

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