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Calibration,Instructions for use,Cleaning and Maintenance for the Bamboo bathroom scale

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1. After installing the battery, 8,888 will be displayed.

2. Press the „UNIT“ button three times, then press again and hold the button until 4 random digits are displayed (e.g. 1911),

3. Press the „UNIT“ button again, 50.0 kg will be displayed and flashing. At this point, place 50 kg weight / weights on the weighing pan,

4. After calibrating, 100.0 kg will automatically flash on the display. Place a weight / weights of a total weight of 100 kg on the pan.

5. After calibrating, 150.0 kg will automatically flash on the display. Put a weight / weights of a total weight of 150 kg on the weighing pan. After calibrating, a „PASS“ message appears automatically on the display, then 150.0 kg will be displayed, then the calibration will be complete.


Instructions for use

• Do not leave any weights on the scale for a long time.

• Avoid extreme temperatures. The scale should not be exposed to direct sunlight or placed near air conditioning systems.

• Avoid strong electric or magnetic fields.

• Make sure that the scale is placed on a stable surface and it is not exposed to vibrations.

• Do not place the scale near open windows or doors, air conditioning systems or fans that can cause unstable measurement results due to improper air circulation.

• Keep the scale clean. Do not place any objects on the scale if it is not used.

• The scale surface should be dry to avoid slipping.

• When the message “Err” is shown on the screen, the batteries need to be replaced.

• The device works best at room temperature. Let it adapt to room temperature for at least 1 hour before use.

• Store the device in a clean environment. Dust, dirt, humidity, vibrations, air currents and proximity to other electronic devices can have a negative effect on the reliability and accuracy of the scale.

• Avoid shaking or dropping the device. It must be handled with extreme caution. Avoid rough treatment, because it can permanently damage the internal sensor.



a)Only use non-corrosive cleaners to clean each surface.

b)After each cleaning, all parts should be dried before reusing the device.

c)Store the unit in a dry, cool place, free from moisture and direct exposure to sunlight. Do not store the scale vertically.

d)Never spray the device with water jets.

e)Regular inspections of the device must be carried out to check its technical efficiency and for any damage.

f)Use a soft cloth for cleaning.

g)Do not leave the battery in the device if it will not be used for longer periods.

h)The device must not be washed with water. This prohibition applies for both external and internal parts.


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