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Application of scale in various fields

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Before a fishmonger can name the price he places the fish fillet on the weighing scales. Individual ingredients for a planned dish are often weighed out on kitchen scales, and after a good meal weight-conscious consumers will get onto the bathroom scales themselves. But weighing takes place in many other areas, too. Most of us are indeed quite unaware of just how much modern life is based on weighing. Without these possibilities for accurate weight determination our existence would be inconceivable in its present form. Whether in freight traffic, import, export, buying or selling – nearly everything is precisely weighed to a gram or a tonne. Customs and taxation authorities use weighing scales, they are required in research laboratories, in medicine, at the chemist’s and in private households… No sector of the economy, no company, no commercial establishment can get by without weighing technology today. Therefore, the scale has a different role in different fields, an indispensable tool in today's society.

Digital counting scale 

By converting the weight to quantitative display by preset single weight or sampling action, a bunch of unknown quantities can be displayed immediately when used, which can save more manpower and time.

It can be used in electronic parts, plastic injection, warehouse inventory, hardware parts, jewelry processing and other industries.

Electronic weighing scale

Instantaneous reading of weight value and preset quantitative packaging function, or weight control inspection after packaging.

It can be used in warehousing, freight, chemical, printing, warehousing, textile, food processing, paint and various industries related to weight packaging weighing and other industries.

Electronic price computing scale

If the weight is multiplied by the unit price and converted to the total price, the unit of valuation and the cumulative total price can be manually switched, and the change calculation function is generally used in commercial trading places.

It can be used in Chinese medicine stores, vegetable markets, fruit shops, supermarkets, north and south goods and other industries.

Electronic balance

Reading weight requires more precise units or reading values, usually from 1 bit to 5 bits (0.1g-0.01mg) under decimal points, and can manually switch weighing units or percentages and connect to computer applications.

It can be used in textile, dyeing and finishing, making medicine, food, plasticizing, laboratory, jewelry and precision counting and other industries.

Electronic crane scale

To read the weight value by suspension, it must be used in conjunction with the crane, which is generally used for larger weight reading.

It can be used in metal industry, wire and cable, steel, screw production, slaughterhouse and other industries.

Electronic pocket scale

The main shape is small and easy to carry, and the operation is simple, generally weighing in the 3Kg.

It can be used in plastic injection molding, mold product evaluation and other industries. At the same time, it can be used as kitchen scale and jewelry scale.

Weighing control instrument

Display the weighing value. Mainly in industrial control applications, the read weight values can be converted into controllable contacts or communications (such as RS232/485, Ethernet, Bluetooth) using a variety of interfaces.

It can be used in chemical ingredients, production packaging, weighing monitoring, finished product testing and other industries. 

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