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Application and importance of Jewelry scale in Jewelry Industry

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If you have ever been to a jewelry store, you may have noticed that the jeweller have a scale at hand. Jewelers rely on jewelry scales to assess the quality of certain materials and countless precious stones. The type of weighing device required for jewelry weighing depends on the specific requirements of each application. This article will introduce many features of jewelry scales to help you choose the best jewelry scales according to your need.

·Common Functions of Jewelry Scale

It's important to make sure your scale or balance contains the weighing units necessary to weigh jewelry. Grams are the most important, but weighing units such as carrots, pennyweights, mommes, avoirdupois, troy ounces, and grains can prove helpful.

If you plan to buy or sell by weight, the law requires that the size of your jewelry must be approved before it can be traded. This includes not only jewelry, precious metals or precious stones you want to sell, but also buying scrap jewelry from customers.

Weighing devices used to count applications do not require transaction approval, but they help count beads and other widgets when creating custom jewelry.

Be sure to consider your capacity and readability requirements before choosing scale. You may need a highly readable device to weigh very small gems. If you want to weigh raw materials, a scale of high capacity and low readability can meet your needs.

·Density Determination of Jewelry Scale

The following scaled weighing and density kit help users identify density-based material types and evaluate their value. Jewelry manufacturers who use gems or metal can conduct density tests to identify different gems and determine the quality to help them price their products accordingly. Density tests can help verify the authenticity of gems and metals. Density determination works if the object doesn't have gems or attachment. As added materials can interfere with the results.

·Types of Scale With Weighing And Analysing Function

Precision scale is ideal for bulk weighing of raw materials that will be refined and put into jewelry pieces. The analytical scale helps to evaluate the density of gems. Many density tests are carried out in water, but the density determination of precious stone is carried out in heavy liquids. The analytical scale is useful because it allows you to specify the density of any liquid you use.

As we pointed out earlier, the instruments used to measure products sold by weight must be approved. Jewelry and pawnshops rely on these scales because they provide the high precision, ease of use and portability of valuable materials. They also have internal calibration functions, which are not required, but do save time.

Portable scales are convenient to travel or check raw materials because they are easy to carry and use. Some of them are equipped with a windshield, which helps to eliminate the breeze that may cause lightweight samples to move on the weighing plate. 

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