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Agricultural products can be weighed by crane scales

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When the season of agricultural product harvest is approaching, the farmers will become busy, especially those who sell agricultural products. They grow agricultural products for the circulation of the market, for the sake of sales, not for self-sufficiency. Crane scale will be more suitable in harvest.

1. Crane scale will improve the harvest efficiency

Farmers need to harvest in the land, weigh the products, pack them, then carry to the trucks and sell them in the market. Since the harvest of agricultural products is seasonal, once this season has passed, the agricultural products that have not been harvested will cause economic loss, and even lead to waste land, because those products will take up the farmland that ought to be planted by other products. In order to improve the harvest efficiency of agricultural products, farmers can use crane scales to weigh. 

2. Crane scale operates successfully in any cases

Since the cultivation and harvest of today's agricultural products are all completed by machinery, that is, flat and wide agricultural land make machinery possible to move freely and quickly, thus, the process of sowing and harvest can be fully achieved by machinery. A series of intermediate processes can be completed in the agricultural land. Such as, packing, weighing, carrying to the truck, etc., these processes are directly carried out in the agricultural land without using other place, this form greatly saves the time ,resource and money. Under this circumstance, a crane scale will be a good choice for weighing in the farmland. Crane scale is easy to use and flexible, because of it performance on waterproof, it can operate successfully even in rainy days.

3. Crane scale cause less error

When harvesting agricultural products, the process will be affected by the types of agricultural products, especially the agricultural products in the ground, such as potatoes, radishes, peanuts, sweet potatoes, etc., these fruits are buried in the soil, when they grow mature,farmers dig them out of the soil. But the soil attched will influence the accuracy to a certain degree, If we use electronic scales to weigh, there will be a lot of error. At that time, you can use a crane scale to weigh. Because it is a form of hook scale, you only need to pack these agricultural products and put them directly on the hooks for weighing. Since the hook doesn’t contact with dirt, it does not cause much error for the subsequent weighing. Crane scale has the function of sliding up and down easily, makes it easier for farmers to get the weight of agricultural products quickly and correctly. Farmers only need to put the agricultural products into the pocket in place, and record the amount shown on the screen. No need to lift it up, however, a truck scale causes much more labour.

In the harvest season of agricultural products, if the crane scale is used, the efficiency of weighing can be improved, which indirectly promotes the efficiency of harvest. And it is especially suitable for products buried in the soil, such as peanuts and potatoes. 

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