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8 Tips About Fishing

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With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people like to go fishing to pass the time. However, fishing is not a simple thing. Next, I'll introduce you to some knowledge about fishing.

1. People walk to the right when they close their eyes, and fish run to the right subconsciously after being hooked.

2. More fish will have bigger courage. When we are fishing, we sometimes encounter the fish running away. Especially when there is a big fish in the nest, a little attention will scare the fish away. That's because there's not a lot of fish in the nest, but a few are looking for food. If we lift the fishing rod too hard, or if we touch the fish when we lift the fishing rod, we will scare the fish away. When there are a large number of fish, the fish will not be easily scared away, because the more fish there are, the less vigilant the fish will be.

3. Carry a fish weighing scale with you so that you can weigh the fish at the first time.

fishing scale

4. The bigger the fish is, the more vegetable it like. Many people think that big fish must eat meat a lot. In fact, big fish prefers vegetarian food. Fish will avoid some heavy meat food, which is the vigilance of the fish. The meat bait tends to cause the big fish to be alert, and the vegetarian bait is more secure in the eyes of the big fish. For example, carp can be caught with corn, and the larger carp like to eat corn. The plump corn will let the big carp can’t help to eat, and the wheat grain is also a good choice.

5. After we catch the big fish, we all know to hold on to the fishing rod, and when the fish tries to escape, we have to move the fishing rod in the direction of the fish running away. But when we catch a big fish, it's very rare to do it, not a skill problem, but because of a man's mental effect.

6. People who go fishing often meet with fish to run away. When the fish is running away, they quickly secrete a kind of mucus. Fish also secretes this mucus when they are frightened or when they are stung. Other fish will sense the mucus, understand the danger, and run away. After fishing, first of all, wipe the mucus from your hands so that you don't bring the mucus into the water again and let the other fish feel it. Those who like to smoke should not bring the smell of smoke and soot into the bait. These odors will make the fish feel it.

7. Throwing a lot of dry cow manure into the water before fishing will attract more fish.

8. Fish need oxygen as much as human beings, and oxygen is the guarantee for all life to survive. If you don't eat or drink, you can last for a few days, but if you don't have oxygen, you will suffocate quickly. The same is true of fish. When there is a lack of oxygen in the water, the fish becomes less active and do not open their mouths to eat. Therefore, when we go fishing, we should fully understand the weather of the day, in order to have a good harvest.

These are some knowledge about fishing, hoping to help people who love fishing.

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